Results for 2017 Indoor Competitions




Betty Hudson Championship Singles:-

Runner up, Jeanette Berry.

Winner, Jacky Gray


Christabel Drawn Pairs:-

Runners up, Jeanette Berry & Mavis Hale

Winners,    Margaret Stacey & Liz Sims


Margaret Ellis 3 wood Singles:-

T.B.A   (not played due to injury)




Phelps Mixes Singles

Runner Up:- Alex Fleming

Winner, Sam Watts  


Membery Drawn Pairs

 Runners Up:- Alex Fleming & Shirley

Winners :-  Geoff Powell & Pam Faulkner


   Stewards 2 Wood Triples:-

Runners Up:-  Julie Jackson, Jacky Gray, Gary Gray

Winners:-  Jan Gore, Phil Warner, Colin Pollard




Vic Cardy Triples:-

Runners up:- Ian Hale, Alan Scholan, Brian Bloomfield

 Winners:-  Sam Watts, Paul Comley, Mark Charlett


Dan Collett Pairs:-

Runners Up:- Ian Hale &  Brian Bloomfield

Winners:-   Paul Comley & Chris Earl


Keith Bateman Championship Singles:-

Runner Up:-  Paul Comley,

Winner:-   Sam Watts


League Champion of Champions 2016/17


Winners ....... Lazy Gits.


Plate ........... Maggies Mates.