Presentation evening was a let down this year, as only 18 players were available; only 4 were men.
Only 50% of the prizewinners were present. This is no way to support the club.  Very disappointing indeed.
Ladies Champion of Champions was Carole Galletly, and runner-up was our own Carol Gaskins.    
Mens Champion of Champions was Howard Watts, and runner-up Alan Carter.  
Two very good charities received a boost, as Geoff Powell and Jane Walkers evening raised £1106.00 for Maggies.
A very good night as the "Crimps" band donated their fee as well.  
The Macmillan Coffee morning was enjoyable, especially if you like cakes, and they raised £234.00 so well  done to all who participated.
Indoor Prizegiving was very well supported. The Brian Slatter Trophy was won by Margaret Johnston and Claude Barber, and was presented by Brians son and daughter Lin Lovely to see them again. Margaret also won the Pairs with Gordon Turland.
The Summer league is well organised by Geoff Rawnsley, who also gives a trophy to a player , who helps over the summer. Renee Wytham was the recipient, and if you talk to her, you will find that she is a most remarkable lady, of many talents.
Missing Husband.
A woman went to the police to report her husband missing.
She said,"He,s fifty-one, six foot three inches tall,
dark eyes, dark hair,athletic build weighs 18 Stone 5 pounds,
smartly dressed and softly spoken."
"He,s five foot two inches,overweight,bald scruffy and has a big mouth!" her friend protested.  
"I know," said the wife. "But who wants HIM back?".